Our Approach

Here at Boomerang Consultancy we pride ourselves on being experienced in a broad section of specialist services. Not ‘Jacks and Jills of all trades’ more ‘Masters and Mistresses of a few’. We never profess to knowing more than, or better than our clients, what we do is draw on our skills, knowledge and experience to promote best practice, improved service and increased productivity.

Some consultancy companies force their way of working onto a client, which can be risky as it can breed animosity and dis-quiet within a workplace.

Our approach is to work as part of your company or organisation; our people adapt to your environment rather than your people adapting to ours (unless of course we are helping you to change your environment).

The success of an engagement with a client depends on the co-operation of their staff. We have to talk to them, understand them, listen to their concerns so that we can document and make the required improvements / deliver our service.

Our experience tells us that most improvement suggestions come from the bottom up, that is why so many organisations operate a ‘Back to the Floor’ policy for middle and senior managers as it is felt, by many, that they (the managers) have become too detached from the core of the business.

One of the key skills all of our consultants posses is the ability to listen. We listen to you, your people and to our people.

It is key to find not only what is going well in the operation, but also to identify what is going wrong and that is where we offer our expertise.

Our consultants have a passion for delivery and during challenging times they will continue to go that extra mile to ensure they deliver on time!