ISO – A necessity or just a certificate to win business?

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A necessity or just a certificate to win business?

We often, when providing bid writing support, get asked whether having an UKAS ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental, OHAS 18001/ISO45001, 22301 Business Continuity or ISO 27001 Management System really is beneficial to a business or do people have them just to win tenders?

The honest answer is a mix of both. When we discuss the needs of a client regarding Management Systems we advise that it should not just be a certificate on the wall. It is an investment in their own business and therefore must show a return for that investment, see benefits realised.

The real and true benefits of having a management system in place include:

    • Having full accountability at all levels within the business – More so with the recent changes
    • Structured, agreed and proven processes
    • Improved governance and management of the supply chain within a business
    • Improved staff engagement through communication, feedback and training
    • Regular internal and external audits ensure problems are identified, corrective actions taken and improvements made
    • Improved and measurable customer satisfaction
    • Improved efficiencies, effectiveness and effort of the business and the staff
    • Competitive advantage is gained by having a management system or systems in place that have been audited by an independent, external certification body
    • Helping you score maximum points on an ITT and, in many cases, allows a business to upload a certificate rather than having to answer lots of questions (not always though)


Does having a ISO Management System just help you win tenders? No, BUT it helps improve the operation of the business which means you can go on and win tenders / contracts by demonstrating you have a UKAS Certificated ISO Management System in place.

Does it prove a business is better than their competitors? It can, if your systems are operated and managed correctly and effectively and of course you maintain your certification.

What if a company just wants a certificate on the wall to say they operate an ISO Management System within their business? It is an expensive certificate to gain and maintain. If you bought a nice new shiny van for your business operation you would not normally leave it outside your offices just for show, you would make sure you achieved a return from your investment.

Boomerang Consultancy implemented ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 because we wanted to make a difference within our business

Having an ISO Management System is place is no different.

If you require the implementation of a management system then CONTACT US 

Boomerang Consultancy,  in addition to the implementation of management systems, will also:

Boomerang ISO 9001 AND 14001

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