Tender / Bid Review Service

Tender / Bid Review Service

The requirements of each client can differ greatly. Some commission Boomerang Consultancy to undertake the bid review service from the outset, others only require a little ‘hand-holding’ through the response and or submission stage.

Whatever is required, we will tailor the bid review service to meet the needs of the client and the service will be delivered for a fixed price.

We have seen 1 point be the difference between success and failure on a submission.

Submissions fail due to mandatory questions not being answered.

Failure on either count could break your business all due to a minor mistake or omission.

Remember, procurement teams are indeed looking to appoint a supplier (or suppliers) and must fairly score them which means, in blunt terms, they must find a reason(s) to eliminate suppliers.

Reducing numbers through scoring enables them to award the contract to a single supplier or number of suppliers within the threshold they set. Remember not everyone can win every-time.

Our bid review service can include:

  • Working with the Client to qualify the bid and identify how suited the client’s product, service or solution is to the tender specification.
  • Working with the client / their team to ensure the content within the bid response is lean, within set parameters, concise, to the point but most importantly responses and evidence provided is aligned to the requirements / specification
  • Set up and structure the response and supporting documentation
  • Grammar and spelling checks through-out the submission document
  • Undertaking a sanity check of any proposed submission to ensure all mandatory fields are correctly completed, correct supporting documents are provided
  • Ensuring benefits can be realised – many suppliers can and do fail by telling an organisation what they want to hear rather what they can honestly deliver
  • Reviewing content / the overall document against the scoring matrix / set criteria
  • Upload and submission of the response onto a portal – Some people are not confident navigating their way through procurement portals especially when working to a deadline

How does a client benefit from this service?

  • Value added to the response/submission
  • USPs identified, with advice on clear compelling content to achieve a competitive edge to the submission
  • Mistakes identified
  • A ‘Fresh pair of eyes’ to review the response prior to submission

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